Awakening the Sacred Senses

Awakening the Sacred Senses

Come and join me on an adventure to explore each of your 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and sound) and be amazed at how much more opportunity there is to enhance your connection and presence with the world around you. You will learn how, by using all your senses, all your experiences can be intensified.  Some have said it’s a bit like your vision going from black and white to colour. Imagine what that might be like magnified across all of the senses at once? 

Sacred Journey of the Senses is a session you can book to step beyond your normal sensory perceptions and take the time to exercise your latent senses. Unlike animals, people tend to over-rely on our vision to process information, or are simply too busy to stop and fully perceive the environment around us. In our distracted lifestyles, we frequently overlook the distinct qualities of what is around us.

Find out just how much you take all your senses for granted by exploring what gifts each sense brings you in a safe and connecting, non-sexual space.  Be guided in an experiential journey of each sense allowing you the chance to appreciate and savour your connection to yourself and the outside world through your senses.

We invite you to expand and enhance your presence in this world through all your senses rather than just one.  By doing so you can change your perception of the world and people around you whilst also enhancing your sensory pleasure.

It is recommended that you take no stimulants before the event (including alcohol, recreational drugs and caffeine).