Beyond Bio-Energetics

Explore and identify areas of tensions, energy block and physical pain in our bodies through bio-energetics techniques inspired by Reich. These habitual patterns actually affect our body form and posture. As we start releasing these areas, then energy flows through and we start to meet life in a different way to before.

Scar Tissue Remediation

Scar tissue is normally formed on the skin in response to a physical trauma. The adhesions of scar tissue can be physically uncomfortable as well as emotionally disturbing for many people. This technique can be very useful to mitigate both the physical discomfort and emotional energy associated with scars.

Conscious Touch Therapy

Through conscious touch, we evoke a journey that allows us to see how we are in the rest of our lives. Are we able to be in our boundaries? Are we able to allow ourselves to receive nourishment? Can we ask for what we really want? At the same time, we receive nurturing touch, fundamental for human wellbeing.

Sexological Bodywork

Many of us are conditioned from young to spend our lives in our heads. Sexological Bodywork works through embodiment, being as present in our bodies as we are in our heads. As we reconnect back with our bodies through breath, sound and movement, we connect to a wisdom and clarity of being.

Energy Release Bodywork

As we go through experiences in life, as well as retaining a memory in the subsconscious or conscious mind, we also retain a cellular memory in our body. Energy Release Bodywork allows us to go straight to the body to help to release these memories without necessarily having to revisit the experience.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Anyone who's had a trauma or disturbing life experience, from a shamanic point of view, may have had some fragmentation of their self or their soul. Through this process, we look at reconnecting aspects of self which might have splintered away during our past experiences in life.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a great technique for supporting energy flow from the earth to the heaven (or for us in the body, from our feet to our crown - the two poles that Reich works with). I offer this attunement as it hugely supplements and enhances any of the other modalities that I offer.

Tantra Energy Massage

Tantra Energy Massage is an initiation into Tantra. Through the various massages we learn to be comfortable in our bodies, to let go of being in our heads and instead to be in our hearts as we connect to our true essence through the body, letting go of stories, beliefs and judgements. We let go of doing and just be