Beyond BioEnergetics

About Bio-Energetics

The Bio-Energetics method that I work with is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Hawken.

Wilhelm Reich was a pioneer in his field and has greatly influenced the way that therapy is now done in modern times. He was the one who suggested that client projections on the therapist were of value and could be useful to explore in sessions, as a result of his work, modern day therapists now tend to sit face to face with and interact with their clients rather than sitting behind them. He also had some very interesting concepts about how energy and events can get frozen in our bodies, actually affecting our physical form.

My teacher John Hawken who has been working with the Bio-Energetics of Reich and Lowen for over 30 years and has adapted it further to incorporate energetic tantric principles and also moving away from Reich’s work in the sense of working from a place of relaxing the body rather than putting the body under further stress to obtain release.

Reich said that as an energy being we have a plus pole and minus pole. The plus pole being in our crown and head and the minus pole being in the base of the spine and by extension in the legs. Reich says this is our natural energetic flow which is to do with our being, our sense of self depicted through the energy flow up from our spine. Then life happens and life hits us horizontally. We have “traumatic” experiences (i.e. experiences that contract us) and as life hits us, it dislocates that vertical flow of energy. As we hit difficulties that make us contract, we defend ourselves in several areas, mainly at the head, heart and pelvis.  Bio-Energetics states that as energy gets trapped in our bodies through past experiences in our childhood and adulthood, that this manifests in our body posture and even shape. 

How I Work

With the Bio-Energetics journey, we will explore connecting our plus and minus poles and identify areas of tensions, energy block and physical pain in our bodies. As we start releasing these areas, then energy flows through and we start to meet life in a different way to before.


A Bio-Energetics session will typically last between 1.5 to 3 hours. It depends on the progress that is being made in the session. If a suitable resolution point occurs at around 1.5 hours, then we would finish then, alternatively I recommend that we carry on with the session until we reach a resolution point. However, I am happy to work in any session with any boundaries on time that the client may have.

You can just book one session, however typically the benefit of these sessions occurs when you go through a course of between 4-6 sessions, as we build on the place that we reached from the previous session, then typically we tend to exponentially reach more resolution points in the future sessions. Sessions will include working with the segments where we are holding onto pain, tension and energy, a Reichian spinal massage, a Reichian shoulder and neck massage and Streaming in the Energy. 

Booking a course allows me to also discuss a coherent set of session plans with you based on your learning intent.


The rate is £60 per hour so a typical session will cost between £90-£180. A 5% discount is available for a course of 4 prepaid sessions, and 10% for a course of 6 prepaid sessions.   Prepaid sessions would be paid up at 1.5 hours per session.

Please see my terms and conditions and my boundaries