Tantra Energy Massage

About Tantra Energy Massage

Tantra Energy Massage consists of a series of sessions which are tailor made to take you towards your intent, and along the way connecting you with your aliveness, energy and pleasure.   It needs to be recognised that this is a journey of discovery, exploration and expansion and that maximum benefit will be obtained by those who can commit to such a journey through a series of sessions.    We may agree to use some of the techniques listed below, but I am totally committed to working with you to find what feels right for you within our boundaries.

How I Work

As this journey is about you, I work fully clothed and for your reassurance and safety, I will wear gloves for intimate internal work if the journey leads in that direction.


Below is an example of some of the structures that we progress through during the journey.


Taoist Erotic Massage

Yoni Healing

Vajra Healing

Rosetta Healing

Extended Ecstatic Being


A Tantra Energy Massage session will typically last between 1.5 to 3 hours. It depends on the progress that is being made in the session. If a suitable resolution point occurs at around 1.5 hours, then we would finish then, alternatively I recommend that we carry on with the session until we reach a resolution point. However, I am happy to work in any session with any boundaries on time that the client may have.

You can just book one session, however typically the benefit of these sessions occurs when you go through a course of between 4-6 sessions, as we build on the place that we reached from the previous session, then typically we tend to exponentially reach more resolution points in the future sessions. Sessions will include working with the segments where we are holding onto pain, tension and energy, a Reichian spinal massage, a Reichian shoulder and neck massage and Streaming in the Energy. Booking a course allows me to also discuss a coherent set of session plans with you based on your learning intent.

Session Costs

Prices for Tantric Massage are £85 per hour with booking for a minimum two hour session.  Please note that you should allow for the session to run over, in case we need the extra time to consolidate the process.  In which case I only charge for the additional time that we actually use.