Energy Release Bodywork

About Energy Release Bodywork

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How I Work

With the Energy Release Bodywork journey, we will explore connecting with the energy imprints that are in the body with an intent to integrate them so they no longer impact on your life in the same way as before.   


An Energy Release Bodywork session will typically last between 1.5 to 3 hours. It depends on the progress that is being made in the session. If a suitable resolution point occurs at around 1.5 hours, then we would finish then, alternatively I recommend that we carry on with the session until we reach a resolution point. However, I am happy to work in any session with any boundaries on time that the client may have.

You can just book one session, however typically the benefit of these sessions occurs when you go through a course of between 4-6 sessions, as we build on the place that we reached from the previous session, then typically we tend to exponentially reach more resolution points in the future sessions. Sessions will connect with where the energy imprints identify themselves in the body in that moment.    

Booking a course allows me to also discuss a coherent set of session plans with you based on your learning intent.


The rate is £60 per hour so a typical session will cost between £90-£180. A 5% discount is available for a course of 4 prepaid sessions, and 10% for a course of 6 prepaid sessions.   Prepaid sessions would be paid up at 1.5 hours per session.

Please see my terms and conditions and my boundaries