Beyond Bio-Energetics

Explore  areas of tension, energy block and physical pain in our bodies through bio-energetics techniques. These habitual patterns can affect our body form and posture. As we  release these  then energy flows through and we start to meet life and our energy in different ways to before.

Scar Tissue Remediation

Scar tissue is formed on the skin in response to a physical trauma. The adhesions of scar tissue can be physically uncomfortable as well as emotionally disturbing for many. This technique can help to mitigate both the physical discomfort and emotional energy associated with scars.

Conscious Touch Therapy

Through conscious touch, we evoke a journey that allows us to see how we are in the rest of our lives. Can we be in our boundaries? Are we allowed to receive nourishment? Can we ask for what we really want? We also receive nurturing touch, fundamental for human wellbeing.

Sexological Bodywork

We are conditioned from young to live our lives in our heads. Sexological Bodywork works through embodiment, being as present in our bodies as we are in our heads. As we reconnect back with our bodies and our sexuality, we connect to a wisdom and clarity of being.

Tantra Energy Massage

Join me for an Initiation into Tantra. Through the massages we learn to be at ease in our bodies, to drop what stops us being in our pleasure, to let go of being in our heads and connect to our true essence through the body, letting go of stories, beliefs and judgements. We let go of doing and just be.

Energy Release Bodywork

The energy from emotions can get imprinted into our physical bodies as cellular memory. As we connect and integrate the energy imprints, we find we are able to move on from old patterns of behaviour and meet life in different more meaningful ways as we drop old stories and connect with our natural aliveness.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a great technique for supporting energy flow from the earth to the heaven (from our feet to our crown - the two poles that Reich works with). I offer this attunement as it supplements and enhances any of the other modalities that I offer.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Anyone who has had a trauma or disturbing life experience may have had some fragmentation of their self/soul from a shamanic perspective. With this process, we look at reconnecting aspects of self which may have splintered away during past experiences.


“What a lovely way to spend the afternoon connecting with such beautiful people. Thank you to Jon and Elara and everyone who attended for making it such a special afternoon. Xx “- C

C1 Workshop Attendee (Get In Touch with Yourself)

“First time here for me so I was a little nervous but everyone was so warm and welcoming. The space was amazing and the whole experience left me feeling energised, privileged and above all blessed. Thanks to everyone there and I hope to see you all again soon. X.” – B

B Workshop Attendee (Get In Touch with Yourself)


About Somatic Awakenings

Hi I am Elara, I spent a lot of my early life living in my head (evaluating, assessing, escaping and distracting) and my journey has taken me to now live my life in my body (experiencing and connecting with what is truly present for me).  Reconnecting with my body has transformed my life, allowing me to be in the present, to connect with what is and disconnect from old stories and patterns that are being rerun in my head.   My journey has involved an exploration of energy, consciousness, spirituality and sexuality.   

I am based in a beautiful temple space in Manchester.  My passion is supporting people to connect to their full potential.   This involves supporting you to let go of what stands in the way of your pleasure, your aliveness and consciousness through emotional, energetic and  physical release.   The energy from emotions can get imprinted into our physical bodies as cellular memory, and I specialise in bodywork to support the release of this.   

We can look at what stops you from developing deep, meaningful and intimate relationships.  and was started to support you to a journey of authenticity and integrity in the body through a different range of modalities that I support.

The authenticity is with consciousness of how we are being in any moment and being able to make a conscious choice, being in a place of stepping into our energy, our creative potential and our integrity.

Being in our integrity supports us in recognising our energy and the energy that surrounds us(in whatever form that may take).   We start to examine what are the routines, habits, addictions that waste our energy.  This becomes an invitation to understand why we behave in certain ways.  It is not say these behaviours are wrong but to find out why we engage in them.  For example,  is it habit or unconscious attitude from our upbringing?  Is it a reality or a projected reality that actually no longer exists? By bringing consciousness to our reality, we start the process of moving towards what we long for rather than a concept in our head of what we  should or shouldn’t be doing.  As we start to let go of the conditioning that is imposed on us, we learn to embrace our natural state of being,  creating the opportunity for a new way of being in all aspects of our lives and allowing us to reach a different level within all our relationships including our sexual ones.