Cuddle and Conscious Touch Therapy2

About Conscious Touch Therapy

Touch is one of the most powerful means of communication; studies have shown that emotions and feelings can be communicated by touch alone.  When we touch another the impact of that touch is literally sent out like ripples in the water.

In our one to one sessions, we we work with platonic touch in a safe and nurturing obligation free environment which supports you to connect with yourself and others from a heart opened space.

Being able to connect with touch without sexualising it allows us to go back to a state of innocence and bliss of just being in our bodies.  In addition this allows us to learn about what is there for us in our relationship dynamics.  The environment that we work with is one of open-heartedness, acceptance and healing.

I also co-host conscious touch workshops – details can be found at  Conscious Touch Workshops

In Preparation for the Session

It is important that you are as comfortable as possible so I would encourage you to come in comfortable loose clothing and also to shower and brush your teeth beforehand so that you can really relax into the session.   It is best if you are not carrying any strong smells such as aftershave, perfume or cigarette smoke.

My Boundaries

I only work with over 18 years olds and am happy to work with all genders.   I go into the session fully clothed and also do not give or receive touch with any genital or breast contact.   Apart from this, I am happy to give and receive touch though I will generally encourage you to receive the touch and connect with having your own experience with it, rather than being dependent on me for your experience.



How I Work

With the Bio-Energetics journey, we will explore connecting our plus and minus poles and identify areas of tensions, energy block and physical pain in our bodies. As we start releasing these areas, then energy flows through and we start to meet life in a different way to before.


A Conscious Touch and/or Cuddle session will typically last 1.5 hours.   At the session, we will typically discuss your boundaries and what you would like within those boundaries and any other questions you may have.   Once we are clear on the intent of the session and your current state of being,  we can go into experiencing nurturing touch in a safe and boundaried environment.  We will then follow this with some debriefing time to share what was learnt by the experience.   

You can just book one session, however typically the benefit of these sessions occurs when you go through a course of between 4-6 sessions.   


I provide one to one conscious touch and cuddle therapy sessions for £40 per hour,  so a typical session will cost £60.

A 5% discount is available for a course of 4 prepaid sessions, and 10% for a course of 6 prepaid sessions.   Prepaid sessions would be paid up at 1.5 hours per session.